Where to Watch Minnesota Lottery Draws

Learn how to view Minnesota game draws on live stream and check the numbers to find out if you're a lucky winner. Minnesota Lottery draws are not televised and in-state game draws are not shown live online; however, below you'll find links to check your numbers so you never miss out on a MN prize.

Minnesota has a nice variety of games for lottery fans, with multi-state options like Powerball and Mega Millions plus those that are exclusive to the North Star State.

When and Where to Watch Draws

Minnesota players can watch Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto American draws online. In-state game draws are not broadcast on TV or shown on live stream, but don't worry - you can check the winning numbers via the links below.

Powerball Live Draws

Powerball draws are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:59 PM CST. The cutoff time to buy tickets on draw nights is 9:00 PM. Watch draws on the Powerball live stream.

Mega Millions Live Draws

Mega Millions draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights at 10:00 PM CST. The draw break begins at 9:00 PM. View draws on the Mega Millions live stream. Drawings are also televised on the national WGN-TV cable station.

Lotto America Live Draws

Lotto America draws are held seven nights a week after 10:00 PM CST and the sales cutoff starts at 9:00 PM. Draws are not shown on TV; however, you can watch live stream Lotto America draws online to see if you've hit a payout.

Minnesota Lottery Draws

Minnesota has a strong lineup of homegrown draw games offering the chance to hit it big in the Land of 10,000 Lakes every day of the week. While draws are not shown live on TV or online, you can check Minnesota Lottery numbers using the links below.

Pick 3: Draws are held every day at approximately 6:17 PM CST. The cutoff time to purchase tickets for that evening's draw is 6:10 PM. Check Pick 3 numbers.

North 5 Cash: Draws daily at around 6:17 PM CST. The cutoff time to buy tickets is 6:10 PM. Check North 5 Cash numbers.

Gopher 5: Draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 6:17 PM CST and ticket purchases must be completed by 6:10 PM on draw days. Check Gopher 5 numbers.

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